True View LLC
Roger C. Van Duyn, Owner
904 Sugar Place
Lakeland, Florida 33801-7507

Home Phone: 863.665.5118

For new clients, a $150.00 Retainer (Non-refundable deposit) will hold your date. Many shoots are on Fridays and the weekend, so don’t wait too long to book if you need work done on one of those days!  Existing clients with a good payment history are usually exempt from the retainer. 

Upon verifying the date is not previously booked by another client, True View will email you a Work Order.  If you wish, you can pay electronically. True View uses PayPal and absorbs the fees. Of course, you can print out the invoice and mail a check, but the date isn’t booked until the check clears. The retainer will be applied toward your total cost.

Retainers MUST be received and clear to True View’s account prior to your shoot. Don’t worry, the retainer goes toward your total bill, it is not something tacked on extra for a new client. Again, established clients usually don’t need to pay a retainer to book, just contact True View to make sure the dates you need are available.

For last minute bookings of new clients, Roger must speak to you in person or on the phone. Please understand, you must have the payment ready before Roger will unload and set up the gear. (Yes, more than once, I’ve been burned!) Yet again, for existing clients of True View, Roger will be glad to accept your last minute requests, provided there is no previous schedule conflict.

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