Make your business video count!


Don’t you want a professional videographer properly equipped and experienced with filming under a variety of conditions serving your business?

Promotional Video produced for a Non Profit Organization:

True View serves a number of corporate and institutional clients, delivering more than two hundred projects since Roger started the one man company in the summer of 2009. Small businesses, the legal profession, a medical practice or two, churches, non profit organizations, and several national corporations choose True View for video work in the area.

Professional documentation for litigation, mediation, or insurance purposes comprises the bulk of the work. Roger’s professional experience includes filming depositions and independent medical exams for law firms and court reporting agencies. Presentations given in a court of law require the audio to be clear and the video accurate. Period. No exceptions allowed.

A handful of video production companies and advertising agencies from the United States and Canada have hired True View for Roger to film footage for commercials to be made for their clients located here in Central Florida. Then the remote production companies edited the 30 second spots and longer online infomercials themselves.

True View delivers the video files to the hosting sites via FTP upload or other specified means like Dropbox, Google Drive, or corporate YouTube accounts.

Still more projects completed for various organizations include a 7 DVD training video (the full production, not just filming). True View provides corporate event videography of conventions, seminars, conferences, interviews, speeches, press conferences, fundraisers, trade shows, product demonstrations (even minor surgery), testimonials, and awards ceremonies.

True View  films sports, including dozens of football games for Xos Digital (plus Roger filmed a combine for Xos/ESPN).  For a while tapes were shipped to California. Later, the client developed a hosting site for uploading the games.  Another California corporate client hired True View to film dozens of soccer games here in the Central and SW Florida area.  A local high school athletic booster club hired True View to film their entire soccer season, producing a highlight reel for their fundraising events.  True View has also filmed a couple of golf tournaments, a couple of rodeos, even a dressage event.

Product Demonstration Excerpts From An Outdoor Trade Show:

Perhaps you need accurate, objective documentation of a very technical process. Sometimes written instructions just aren’t enough. Many complex procedures must also be shown in order to be understood and learned. Making an effective recording of a demonstration is where the skill of a professional videographer is so useful. True View can even shoot under the microscope. Roger worked as a medical laboratory professional for almost thirty years before starting up True View.

Engineering-Industrial Footage Demonstration:

True View uses professional audio equipment so that your video sounds good. Roger takes an assortment of wireless and cabled microphones with him on location. Some shoots require both a field mixer and audio recorders. For depositions, Roger mics both attorneys and the deponent with lapel microphones. On those occasions the audio quality is crucial for success. Many important projects offer no opportunity for a retake!

Roger pays close attention to lighting, focus, color balance, camera angle, and framing. Combined with excellent audio, your video production can motivate the viewer to respond positively to your message. Good equipment combined with technical competence gained by working on hundreds of projects leads to good results. That’s why several production companies give True View repeat business when they need a professional videographer in the area. 

Services are not limited to filming.  True View provides standard, professional video editing. However, really elaborate jobs, like animation, are referred elsewhere. Roger chooses Avid Media Composer  to edit the majority of projects. With a True View Film, you can obtain professional results at an affordable price. Think high quality “show and tell.”

Plus True View helps you deal with the regulations and paperwork involved, such as permits, releases, insurance requirements, and licensing. Many clients are surprised to learn that even something like uploading to YouTube has potential legal pitfalls.

TRUE VIEW  provides high definition video recording and digital photography for precise, objective documentation with reliable, professional post production for organizations or individuals. Your message or story is faithfully conveyed to your target audience in an efficient, affordable manner

Because True View is a one man company, only a limited number of assignments can be accepted per year. Contact Roger early to ensure availability.

True View LLC is insured with 2 million dollars of general liability insurance.