Roger the True View Videographer working on location

On Location — On Budget — On Time

  Services range from freelance camera operator to basic (limited) video production, all at affordable rates. True View is NOT a full service video production company.

“Savvy clients state their budget, then have me work within it!”


Because True View is a one man company, only a limited number of assignments can be accepted per year. Contact Roger early to ensure availability.



Roger and XHA1

Std. Freelance Rates: $75 per hour –  Two Hours Minimum

  • 2 Hours                             $150
  • 5 Hours                             $300
  • 10 Hours                           $500



Additional Days $400 per day

5 hour minimum if more than 20 miles from True View Films of Lakeland location.

Standard rates above include a minimum of one high definition video camera saving to dual memory cards with professional fluid head tripod, one wireless microphone kit and shotgun microphone. This handles the needs of most clients. Sometimes, additional gear is needed for bigger jobs. This can cost more. Good planning helps simplify the work and keeps costs down.

True View has a matched pair of high definition video cameras (that can also shoot in 4K) to provide multi-camera capabilities when needed. Under most conditions, the cameras can record all day without needing to change cards.

The audio kit includes wireless and cabled microphones, lavaliers, hand held, shotgun, stands, audio recorder, and field mixer. A three point light kit with stands is available to be used when necessary to supplement ambient light.

Really complex jobs requiring a lot of equipment tend to cost more than simple jobs requiring minimal gear. Pricing is proportional and budgets are discussed with the client in advance. Happy clients generate repeat business. Unhappy clients don’t.


Standard Freelance Service Options

  • Camera files copied to client's laptop onsite:   FREE
  • Basic Format Conversion : $100 or less
  • Standard or Complex Editing : Roger will give you a quote


  • Upload footage to host site or server (unless HUGE files) :  FREE
  • Standard shipping of DVDs, thumb drives, hard drives : minimal charge
  • Overnight or Rush Shipments: CHARGES WILL BE DISCUSSED


True View as a real business entity prices competitively. Anyone charging less probably can’t even afford to carry business liability insurance.

True View LLC carries Commercial General Liability Insurance with a general aggregate limit of two million dollars.

If True View needs to hire additional crew, bring and/or rent additional gear, there will be surcharges spelled out in your quote (bid). The full on location fee is due the date of service, for new customers, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.




True View edits with Avid Media ComposerPrices  start at $50 per hour with a max of $200 per day. Roger can work within the budget of most small businesses. Staying on budget keeps clients happy and generates repeat business. 

Finished productions can be delivered on physical media or uploaded.

True View does not provide script writing, nor does it design your production. Roger can refer you to one of the video production companies he’s worked for in the past for these services, including producer/director, voice-overs and more elaborate editing options.

While True View does cover concerts and performances for local groups and schools, these would be considered recording an event. True View does NOT produce music videos. These would most definitely fall under the category of scripted, highly edited, specialized productions.  You’d need to ask other musicians who they’ve used.



Your Powerpoint Graphics can be integrated seamlessly into your video too!

The best place to play your online videos is from your own site. Once uploaded, your YouTube or Vimeo videos can be embedded so that they play from your own web site instead of viewers leaving your domain to view them. 

True View can also set up a YouTube Channel for you!

And be sure to check out the Portfolio page for an example how  multiple videos can play on a page of your own site.

True View is NOT a full-service video production company. Roger can refer you to one he has worked with!






PHOTOSHOOTS: normally with a two hour minimum, start at $75 per hour. Photography service includes Digital SLR, external flash unit, and the extra lenses in Roger’s bag. You can see some examples of True View Event Photography  by clicking the Photo Album Widget in the sidebar. All of the photos, just like the video clips, are original works of True View.

Basic photography services can be added to a videography job for only $50 per entire day, not including image processing. In that case image processing is usually rolled in with the post production for the video. Discuss this with Roger.

IMAGE PROCESSING: starts at $50.  Roger can give you a quote. Your photos will normally be delivered digitally.  True View doesn’t create print albums at this time. Library style disks, either CD or DVD, with cases having custom designed artwork are a traditional favorite for special events.

Should you want True View to do a few prints for you, just ask. Large numbers of prints will need to be outsourced.

Photographs by True View have been published in magazines, both trade/industry periodicals and in publications for the arts!

In the past, most typical photoshoots combined with processing, have come out around $250 or less. This is with the finished photos delivered on disk. Rates are less for photography than video because much less gear is usually required to do the job. For instance, no audio gear at all is needed. No microphones, wireless transmitters, receivers, or audio mixers need be transported, set up, or operated while taking photographs. However, all these can be needed for a video job.

At times, even for established corporate clients, certain expenses may need to be paid in advance. If your project requires rental of special equipment, when extensive travel or lodging is required, arrangements must be made in advance. This is a normal and customary industry standard practice. True View will send you an estimate or invoice with the details.

Be aware that a change in the scope of a project can entail a corresponding change in the price. For these circumstances, True View will issue a change order form before doing anything that would raise your costs, to help you decide which changes are worth the additional expenses.

Personal or family event projects for new clients require a retainer.

While corporate clients are normally billed with the customary 30 days net terms, personal projects are handled differently. New clients pay a $150 retainer upon booking for personal or family projects, which is applied toward the shooting fee. True View will work with your event planner to iron out details. Realize True View is not a wedding videography company. The few weddings done have been for friends or family members of existing clients, except for a small number that came from being found on the internet.

For personal and family projects, such as weddings, funerals, parties…final payment is due the day of the event, just like for the other vendors.

Invoicing and Payments:



True View uses PayPal to process invoices for electronic payments. You do not need to have a PayPal account for this to work. We will email the invoices to you, and you can make your payments  securely and conveniently with your credit card, debit card, or Pay Pal account. If you prefer, you can print out the invoice and send a check or money order.

Any fees generated by Pay Pal are absorbed by True View.