True View films a variety of special events for both corporate clients and private individuals. Whether for organizations of for families, these special events are always recorded in high definition by an experienced, professional videographer. This means your shots will be stable, in focus, expertly framed, with proper exposure and color. Plus, great care is taken with the audio.

THE APPROACH: Simple and tasteful


Past special events filmed by True View include conferences, annual meetings, graduations, awards ceremonies, special parties, retirement celebrations, fund raisers, performances, religious ceremonies, funerals, memorial services and even a few weddings.  Roger believes in simple, tasteful recordings using a minimum of artistic license. Special effects are used sparingly. Inappropriate behavior that might occur at the event won’t appear in the final video either.

There are no drones, sliders, jibs or extra crew. Roger takes a similar approach to filming personal events as to the projects for True View’s corporate clients: Stick to the fundamentals for audio and video recordings and do them with excellence. This also helps keep the price of the work under control.


BEACH WEDDING EXCERPT: From a 2 Camera Shoot

Roger feels honored whenever True View has been hired to film a wedding. That day is both joyful and solemn. Maximum attention is given to clearly recording the vows.


By their nature, weddings are different from most other video jobs. The bride and groom aren’t on the job, as in a business video, but feel very much on the spot. Nothing is routine to them. So it helps having a professional doing the filming who really knows how to do his job.

While it’s true that a crew of workers can do more than one guy, that approach does drive up the price. True View begins with high quality recordings of your event by a single videographer. Roger takes great care capturing the special moments as they happen. Then the finished video is edited with a light touch, telling the story of your special day truthfully, tastefully, and concisely.

Roger has a big advantage in the editing process because he’s editing footage he shot himself instead of material that’s been handed off or sub-contracted out.  He already knows which are the most interesting shots because he was there and he takes a shoot to edit approach while filming.

True View is a service business. While Roger may have some artistic talent, he is primarily providing a service to his clients. Reporting the story is a different working philosophy than delivering a created work of art. And pricing tends to be quite a bit less than from a wedding cinematography company that sends a crew.

So, for a True View Wedding, figure your price to be somewhere around a thousand dollars. If it would cost more, your request is beyond the scope of what True View offers.  See two example packages below.


True View Wedding Deals

Both packages include 2 HD Cameras & wireless lavalier microphone on groom. Roger mans one camera while keeping an eye on the other, moving as needed. The package prices are based upon an experienced estimate of the work involved and are proportional with rates charged to business clients during the regular work week. Check the RATES AND SERVICES page for more information and other options.

A simplified single camera option for really tight budgets can sometimes work in certain settings like small garden weddings. Feel free to ask.

Add a Photo Shoot! True View doesn’t try to take the place of a professional wedding photographer. However, should the need arise, you can add a simple photo shoot to your package. Check out links in the sidebar for examples of True View still photography.

See the PHOTOGRAPHY section on the RATES AND SERVICES page for more information.

For wedding and other special event clients, a $150.00 Retainer (Non-refundable deposit) will hold your date. Many weddings are on Fridays and the weekend, so don’t wait too long to book if you need work done on one of those days!  

Upon verifying the date is not previously booked by another client, True View will email you a Work Order with the retainer itemized.  If you wish, you can pay the retainer electronically. True View uses PayPal and absorbs the fees. Of course, you can print out the invoice and mail a check, but the date isn’t booked until the check clears. The retainer will be applied toward your total cost.

Retainers MUST be received and clear to True View’s account prior to your shoot. Don’t worry, the retainer goes toward your total bill, it is not something tacked on extra for a new client. Again, established clients usually don’t need to pay a retainer to book, just contact True View to make sure the dates you need are available.

For last minute bookings of new clients, Roger must speak to you in person or on the phone. Please understand, you must have the payment ready before Roger will unload and set up the gear. (Yes, more than once, I’ve been burned!) Yet again, for existing clients of True View, Roger will be glad to accept your last minute requests, provided there is no previous schedule conflict.

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Because True View is a one man company, only a limited number of assignments can be accepted per year. Contact Roger early to ensure availability.