Most of the jobs done by True View since 2016 have been for the legal profession and court system. Some are even court-appointed and filmed in the court room, as in this photo of Roger from late 2020.  None of these videos can be posted for public viewing for obvious reasons.

But, Roger does other work besides filming depostions, independent medical exams and such. True View serves a number of corporate and non-profit clients. For example, True View has filmed hundreds of meetings and classes for these types of organizations since Roger started the one man company in the summer of 2009. Small businesses, the legal profession, a medical practice or two, churches, not for profit organizations, and several national corporations choose True View for video work in Polk, Pasco and Hillsborough counties.

If you want to see some sample videos click the following links!

Roger invites you to watch more videos from the  True View Films  channel on YouTube !

While visiting the YouTube Channel, pay special attention to the Created Playlists. Some of Roger’s most enjoyable jobs came from making the videos in the playlists for Fundraisers and Corporate Events and for Marketing and Promotional Videos

Camera Work by True View (Roger) is made up of videos where various  production companies hired True View to film the footage used to make the commercials and infomercials. Another playlist,  Examples of Camera Work with Editing  are complete videos from client sites, produced to spec by True View for various marketing companies. Notice the most of the videos on that particular playlist have thousands of views! Finally, samples on the Liked Videos Playlist  all come from client sites as well. Each video in the liked videos playlist contains work by True View.

True View Still Photography

Roger does still photography too!

True View provides limited still photography services. There’s an overlap of skills between video / motion photography and still photography. Both require an eye for composition, and how light, the direction, intensity, and color temperature, influences the capture of images. The main difference between still and motion photography is how the two forms tell a story. Still photography freezes time, while video is concerned with motion and sound. Bad audio will absolutely ruin the experience of watching a video.

While primarily a video person, Roger enjoys both ways of capturing a story. Here are some links to online photo albums from several True View projects Roger did for his clients.

Actually, the three examples above were from video/still photography combo jobs. In each, Roger did both for the client. And True View can do both for you too!