Services range from freelance camera operator to basic (limited) video production, all at affordable rates. True View is NOT a full service video production company.

Savvy clients state their budget, then have me work within it!”

Because True View is a one man company, only a limited number of assignments can be accepted per year. Contact Roger early to ensure availability.

Roger and camera with wide-angle adapter lens


Std. Freelance Rates: $75 per hour –  Two Hours Minimum

  • 2 Hours                             $150
  • 5 Hours                             $300
  • 10 Hours                           $500

Additional Days $400 per day

5 hour minimum if more than 20 miles from True View Lakeland location.

Standard rates above include a minimum of one high definition video camera saving to dual memory cards with professional fluid head tripod, mixer, one to three wireless lavalier microphones, one cabled microphone and a camera mounted shotgun microphone. This handles the needs of most clients. Sometimes, additional gear is needed for bigger jobs. This can cost more. Good planning helps simplify the work and keeps costs down.

True View has a matched pair of high definition video cameras (that can also shoot in 4K) to provide multi-camera capabilities when needed. Under most conditions, the cameras can record all day without needing to change cards.

The audio kit includes wireless and cabled microphones, lavaliers, hand held, shotgun, stands, additional audio recorder, and field mixer. A three point light kit with soft box, umbrella, stands etc., is available to be used when necessary or appropriate to supplement ambient light.

Photography service includes Digital SLR, external flash unit, and the extra lenses in Roger’s bag, plus the (continuous not flash) three point light kit mentioned above can be used for photography just like for video. And yes, Roger usually shoots photos in manual, just like he does the video.

Roger hard at work on location